Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime

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Carlitos is 12 years old and dreams of two things: having a family and playing soccer. But he’s an orphan, and Hipolito, the director of the orphanage where he lives, hates sports. The only good thing about the orphanage is that Carlitos can share not only his misery but also intimate moments of fun, happiness and mischief with his friends: “Chunks,” who can get his hands on anything and can solve any problem; “Mushroom,” oblivious but a friend who’s always there for you; and “Squirt,” the girl, the only one with her feet on the ground who helps her friends get their heads out of the clouds. Then there’s Anita, sweet and beautiful, Carlitos’ first encounter with the female gender and a newly-found first love. Carlitos’ luck turns when the National Soccer Federation holds tryouts for the national team that will play in the European Junior Championships. Carlitos, with the help of his friends, will devise a plan to attend the tryouts and, thanks to his talent, make the national team! But before anyone starts jumping for joy there are a series of hurdles to be overcome: sneaking out of the orphanage undetected, practicing in secret, passing tests with no time to study… But Diego, Carlitos’ friend and coach, will help him find his “field of dreams.”

“Carlitos” tries to be a nice film, a chance to take kids to the movies and enjoy something together, sharing their dreams, sharing their fears. It gambles by proving that family films are necessary, and therefore always find their niche. This is clearly a risk worth taking because regardless of when or where, at some point in our lives we will feel the need to be children again. When a project is this rewarding it’s only fair to highlight the professional and human background of the entire crew.

The actors, acclaimed and newcomers alike, made the set a place where innocence and hope could be recovered, as they do in real life. The first-time director, producer, cinematographer and every other professional who worked on “Carlitos” contributed a tiny piece of the child living inside each one of them. We hope that carries over to the audience.

Name: Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime
Year: 2008
Runtime: 107’
Country: Spain
Director: Jesús del Cerro
Writers: Manuel Feijoó y Beatriz G.Cruz
Cinematography: Adolfo Hernández
Film Editing: Juan Carlos Sanabria
Cast: Guillermo Campa, Josep María Pou, Gustavo Salmerón, Irene Visero, Emilio Aragón “Miliki”.
Produced by: Emilio Aragón, Tedy Villalba and Santiago de la Rica
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