Paper birds

Film / Director & Producer

PAPER BIRDS is the sale of a group of Vaudeville performers caught in a war that has taken away everything they had and left them starving. Musician Jorge del Pino, ventriloquist Enrique Cargo, singer Rocío Moliner and an orphan named Miguel make up an unlikely family of lost souls, struggling to get by one day at a time, sharing their joys and sorrows and their only escape from the misery around them: their music. As it turns out, when bread is scarce, applause can really hit the spot.

Living among the victorious and the vanquished, they’re too busy looking for something to eat and a bed to sleep in to worry about making it big. But right away they are put to the test and forced to make decisions that will place their lives in jeopardy.

At a time filled with intrigue and dangers that leave them no choice but to takes sides and put themselves in harm’s way, they do the best they can to find a place to sleep where they won’t be afraid. Wherever that may be.

I don’t know exactly when we decided to make “Paper Birds” into a movie. Nevertheless, many elements of the story remind me of things I’ve heard throughout my life, at home, dinner parties, celebrations and also in my daily routine. As is often the case, I feel the project chose me and not the other way around. The atmosphere, the aroma, the behind-the-scenes adventures of a Vaudeville group are deeply embedded in my own imaginary spectrum, and in “releasing” them and sharing them with others I could be answering an important need. Telling this story has allowed me to travel once again to places and emotions I’d visited before. This time with a child’s imagination and a grown man’s heart.

“Paper Birds” is a journey that reveals the very best of human nature, a courageous gamble on love in the face of our own suffering.
This film wouldn’t have been possible without the talent and love put into it by the entire cast and crew. Fernando Castets helped me tell the story. Imanol, Lluís, Carmen, Roger and all the other actors, through their performances, have awakened me once again to life’s wonder.

Name: Paper birds
Year: 2010
Runtime: 110’
Country: Spain
Director: Emilio Aragón
Writers: Fernando Castets / Emilio Aragón
Music: Emilio Aragón
Cinematography: David Omedes
Film Editing by: Pepe Salcedo
Cast: Imanol Arias, Lluis Homar, Carmen Machi, Roger Princep
Produced by: Emilio Aragón, Santiago de la Rica
Awards: Most Popular Film on the Montréal World Film Festival, Golden Space Needle Award on the Seattle International Film Festival, Audience Award on the Woodstock Film Festival, Best European film on the Viareggio EuropaCinema, Best film and y Best actress Camen Machi on the Tokio Latin Beat, Audince award and the young award from de Tudela film festival, best film and best actor Miguel Ángel Egido in the Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca festival, Best film and Golden Microphone , Nominated for a Goya as best Novel director and best original song. (2010)

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