Coming from a family of artists, his career starts very young in showbiz as an actor and screenwriter.In 1990 he founded the production company “Globo Media”, creator of such hits as “Médico de Familia” (Family Practitioner) , “Los Serrano”(The Serrano Family),” Los hombres de Paco”( Paco´s Men), “7 Vidas” (Seven Lives) , “Aida”, “Aguila Roja” (Red Eagle), “El Informal” (The News),” Sé lo que hiciesteis”( I know what you did) …, “El Intermedio” (The Intermission), etc.., And was honorary president of “La sexta” One of the most popular TV Networks in Spain.



Lifeline – A TV series Created, written and directed by Emilio Aragón.
2006 – 2007
Los Irrepetibles – La Sexta. Improvisation-based program hosted by Emilio Aragón with a panel of 15 actors and comics. Each week one of them, accompanied by a guest performer, must improvise several comedy routines based on premises unknown to them. They are given very few props and wardrobe support, so they’re forced to make the most of their own bodies and wit. At the end of the hour, the panel decides which of the four is the best comedian.
2004 – 2005
Casi perfectos (Almost Perfect) – Antena 3. Family Situation Comedy.
Plot: Andrés (Emilio Aragón) and Elena are as happy as a couple can be after ten years of marriage and the birth of two beautiful daughters. Everything in their lives would be just perfect, if it weren’t for Andrés’ mother and loser brother living across the street, and Andrés’ inability to keep them from constantly meddling.
Andrés prefers to avoid problems. He waits for them to take care of themselves, which is something that frequently creates even more problems. His ideal world would be a place without conflict; unfortunately his family is a time bomb just waiting to explode. His mother can’t comprehend that her favorite son hasn’t needed her for a long time so she keeps buying him underwear and filling the refrigerator – after all, who better than his mother to decide what is best for her darling son and granddaughters.
2002 – 2004
El club de la comedia (The Comedy Club) – Canal Plus-Telecinco-Antena 3. Show patterned after the typically Anglo-Saxon comedic genre – stand-up comedy. Each program consisted of four comedians who would perform individually and without a specific character, infusing aspects of daily life with irony and humor. Emilio Aragón was the host of this show during the 2002-3 seasons, and the 2005 season, in addition to appearing as one of the comedians.
2002 – 2003
Javier ya no vive solo.
Canciones de Navidad (Christmas songs) – Telecinco. Benefit concert aired on Christmas Eve of 2000. Conducting the Arturo Soria Orchestra, made up of musicians under the age of 20, Emilio Aragón treated viewers to the most traditional Christmas Carols sung by great artists such as Niña Pastori, Presuntos Implicados, Jaume Aragall, Bea de Greta y los Garbo, Carlos Núñez, Cecilia Lavilla Berganza, Mª José Montiel, etc.
1995 – 1999
Médico de familia (Family practitioner) – Telecinco. Hour-long fictional series following the trials and tribulations of a young widowed doctor (played by Emilio Aragón) with three children, as he tries to rebuild his life. Popular with all audiences, this series has also received international acclaim. Five seasons, 119 episodes, an average audience of 7,646,000 viewers and more than 40% of the market share, are all testament to the social impact achieved by this series, the most-watched and award-winning series in Spain of the nineties.
Sin complejos (Without Hang-ups) – Artear -Canal 13 Argentina. A game show contest between four couples that was co-hosted by Emilio Aragón and Lydia Bosch. Humor and comedy were present in all of the challenges for which contestants had to rely le
1993 – 1994
El gran juego de la oca (The Great Goose Game) – Antena 3. Emilio Aragón hosted and directed this weekly game show which quickly became one of the most watched programs in Spain with more than 6,500,000 viewers. In the 39 weeks that it aired, it garnered an average of 32% of the market share. A novelty in Spain for its original format and large-scale production, its popularity grew to include Latin America.
Noche, noche (Night Night) – Late Night show.
1992 – 1993
Telemaraton (Telethon) – Antena 3. This was the first time that a live show lasting more that 10 hours was broadcast in Spain. Emilio Aragón hosted this program for two consecutive years, its objective to raise money for different charities: The Red Cross, Ayuda en Acción, Nuevo Futuro, etc.
La regala – Antena3. A special gala broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1992, directed by Emilio Aragón and produced by Globomedia. With more than 1,000 performers, this event was recorded live in the Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona), in front of an audience of 25,000 people. The broadcast reached an absolute record number of viewers, and as a result Antena 3 surpassed the other television networks in terms of audience, on this special and extremely competitive night.
La gala (The Gala) – Antena 3. A special program broadcast by Antena 3 during its new Fall lineup. Directed by Emilio Aragón and produced by Globomedia.
La gala mágica (The Magical Gala) – Antena 3. Emilio Aragón directed this gala for children that aired on Three King’s Day (a traditional children’s holiday). 20,000 people attended its live recording in Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona).
Host of the T.P. awards ceremony – Telecinco. Considered the most important awards in Spanish television, these awards are similar to the American Emmy Awards.
1990 – 1992
Vip tarde / Vip corazón / Vip noche – Telecinco. Game shows directed by Emilio Aragón that captured audiences and created a new way of doing television. Critically acclaimed by different sectors of the media and received several awards including the Ondas and T.P. awards.
1990 – 1991
Vip Guay – Telecinco. Emilio was the host of this game show for children that received top reviews and won the T.P. de 1991 Oro Award for the Best Children’s Show.
Especial de Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve Special) – Telecinco. Main host of this variety show created for the holiday season.
Vip mar.
Festival de la canción O.T.I. (Iber-American Television Organization) – TVE. Emilio Aragón co-hosted this competition along with the Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio.
1983 – 1985
Ni en vivo, ni en directo – Director and actor. TVE. A comedy show that introduced a new brand of humor, through sketches, live situation comedy, gags, etc. Prior to this show, television comedy in Spain had been much more classical. This show was nominated for the International Emmy Awards, in New York.
1978 – 1981
El gran circo de televisión española – TVE. Aimed at children, this show was broadcast in Spain from 1971 to 1981. Emilio Aragón performed as a clown from 1978 to 1981 alongside his famous family: his father, Emilio Aragón “Milki”, his uncles, Alfonso Aragón “Fofó” and Gabriel Aragón “Gaby”, and his cousin, Alfonso Aragón “Fofito”. This program won numerous awards and made Spanish children’s television history.


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